Why didn't the VS development team go that little extra and added outlining for optionstatements?

There's a FileCodeModel interface with CodeElements.
Just loop through all the elements and there children and ask the Kind property.
This is an enumarator that defines the type of codeelement. The funny part is that the vsCMEelement contains a member named vsCMElementOptionStmt, which is defined as "An option statement element." Guess what. That doesn't work!
If I loop through my C# code it's like this
(several) vsCMElementImportStmt ( those are using declarations at the top, not to be mistaken with vsCMElementUsingStmt )
vsCMElementVariable (if declared any)
vsCMElementParameter (if method has any)
vsCMElementVariable (if declared any)

There it stops! It doesn't go deeper then that.
Just one level deeper guys and I would be a happy camper.

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